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Career Opportunities

Kurt Bluemel Careers

Kurt Bluemel, Inc. offers an environment that both supports and facilitates those with a passion for the art and science of horticulture. We have myriad of positions that will utilize your existing passions and talents as well as develop and build new skills.

Career Opportunities

The KBI Team is always interested in talking with motivated people who have experience in the green industry. Whether your passion and talents are best served in management, production, clerical duties, trucking and shipping, or another support position, our 50 years of experience offers a wealth of opportunities to help you cultivate your career goals within the field of horticulture.

We continually accept applications for current and anticipated openings. Click here to apply now!

Please contact us make inquiries regarding specific positions.

Internship Opportunities

If you are a recent graduate, a transplant to our industry, or someone looking to seriously cultivate your skills, our practical training program which we implemented in 1980 might be for you...

A professional, comprehensive and academic environment is provided for interns from nations worldwide interested in developing skills in the art and science of horticulture. Our highly acclaimed training program has been recognized by all of our participating nations including: United States, China, Germany, Czech Republic, Denmark, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary, Lithuania, Brazil, Bulgaria, Scotland, New Zealand, Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Mexico and Moldavia.

Review these website for information regarding specifics about the programs available http://ohioprogram.org/ and http://www.iaeste.org/ or contact your local university for application information.

Kurt Bluemel, Inc. does not discriminate in employment, educational programs, and activities on the basis of race, national origin, color, creed, religion, sex, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or associational preference. However those without a passion for horticulture need not apply.

Our campus environment is both professional and fast-paced with over 1500 varieties of perennials, 700 varieties of ornamental grasses, 100 varieties of bamboo and ferns destined for local, national and international shipping.

Contact our office for any additional information or for an application.