Kurt Bluemel, Inc.

Our Nursery & Farms

Kurt Bluemel, Inc. began as a Landscape Design Company with commercial properties that were over several 100 acres as well as residential properties of exclusive gardens less than half an acre. The company achieved acclaim because of its great attention to detail providing unique and hardy perennials and durable hard-scapes.

In 1964, Kurt Bluemel, Inc. developed its trade-only nursery division to provide hardy perennials and ornamental grasses essential for landscaping. The initial mission and continued commitment to provide its customers with a diverse selection of professionally grown plant material promptly and courteously has led the company to over 45 years of successfully serving the horticultural community.

Since the inception of the nursery, Kurt Bluemel, Inc. has also provided the horticultural market with over 65 patent-free plant selections and several hundreds of introductions with many more on the horizon.

Kurt Bluemel Campus
Kurt Bluemel Campus