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Botanical / Common Name
Matteuccia pensylvanica
Ostrich Fern

Dramatic vase shaped ferns appear in chartreuse, fresh green “ostrich” plumes that shoot out of the ground. The rootstock is creeping, producing urn-like clusters of fronds. This native perennial fern forms a rosette of arching leaves about 3-5 feet tall. The sterile leaves are much larger than the fertile leaves in the center of the rosette. This blade tapers abruptly toward its tip, while toward its base the leaflets become very small less than 1" long.  New growth has chaffy scales that are pale orange-brown. 

  • Part shade to shade
  • average to moist
  • Height 3-5 feet Spread 3-5 feet
  • Deciduous and Native
  • Zone 4-8