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Botanical / Common Name
Polystichum acrostichoides
Christmas Fern

Christmas fern stays green all winter; the fronds were formerly used for Christmas decorations. It is common and easy to identify from the shape of the fronds. Fiddleheads for this fern emerge through dark, shiny evergreen mature fronds in April.  It is found natively in rich open woods in clumps.

  • Part shade to full shade
  • Moist soil
  • Height 3 feet x Spread 3 feet
  • Season of interest – Four seasons of evergreen foliage
  • Evergreen and Native
  • Zone 5-9
Polystichum tsus-simense
Korean Rock Fern

Korean Rock Fern is one of the nicest small hardy ferns. Standing 12 to 18 inches high, this dark shiny fern forms a dense clump of stiff leaves that is useful to border beds or walls as well as mass planted for a low groundcover. The black veins accentuate the pointed tips of the pinnate. This fern also can be used as a potted plant in the home. A plant in our offices thrived on inadequate care and watering as well as only being lit eight hours a day x five days a week. That’s rock hardy!

  • Height : 12” – 24” 
  • Part to full shade
  • Zone 5-8