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Botanical / Common Name
Phyllostachys aureosulcata
Yellow-Groove Bamboo

Yellow groove bamboo- bright and milky yellow grooves on contrasting green canes. A very hardy bamboo widely grown in the U.S. It is a sensation with green canes with yellow grooves.  A landscaping favorite because it is as handsome as it is useful.

  • Full to half sun
  • Medium to moist soil
  • Height 26 ft –obedient running manner to form a grove
  • Diameter 2”
  • Zone 5-10
Phyllostachys aureosulcata

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Phyllostachys bissetii

A more dwarf form  that only grows only to twelve feet in height. This is a very hardy green bamboo for smaller locations. A little hardier than the full size version.

  • Full to half sun
  • Height 20 ft - running
  • Cane diameter 2 in
  • Zone 5
Phyllostachys meyeri (Screening Bamboo) 30 ft., sun, part shade, Zone 6b
Phyllostachys nigra
Black Bamboo

A fabulous bamboo with green leaves and contrasting ebony-black culms. Easy to grow both indoors and out.  If you grow as an interior it will do best in a cool place (40F-55F) in the winter. It is one of our most popular bamboos among Mid-Atlantic landscaper designers & architects.  Canes emerge green and turn to blick within a year or two.  It has graceful foliage and interesting cane coloration.  It is common to remove lower foliage to reveal the canes when used as a feature in design.

  • Full to half sun
  • Height 34 ft - running
  • Cane diameter 2 inches
  • Zone 7-10
Phyllostachys nuda

One of the hardier of the Phyllostachys, hardy to at least -20°F. A lovely dark green bamboo. Note the characteristic white ring at each node in young culms. Not only is this one of the more decorative bamboos, it is the hardiest running bamboo and is, along with Sweetshoot bamboo (Phyllostachys dulcis) the best for eatimg. Interesting cane coloring as the new growth appear in dark green canes that are so rich in color that they appear almost black.  Each are accented with a powdering ring around each internode. 

  • Sun or shade
  • Height 34 ft running
  • Cane diameter 1.5 inches
  • Zone 5-10
Phyllostachys viridis (Screening Bamboo) 50 ft., sun, part shade, lighter culms, Zone 6b
Pleioblastus chrysophyllus (Clumping Bamboo) 1-2 ft., sun, shade, ground cover, golden variegated, Zone 5-10
Pleioblastus distichus (Clumping Bamboo) 1-2 ft., sun, shade, ground cover, 3-4 ft., bright green fanned foliage, an excellent ground cover, Zone 5-10
Pleioblastus distichus 'Mini'

Also called Pleioblastus pygmaeus var. distichus, this is one of the smallest bamboos. The most noticeable characteristic of this bamboo is the very tough and erect leaf texture. The leaves fan out in groups of 5 or so, making them look very much like little palm or fern leaves.  Root hardy to well below zero degree. Due to its small leaves, it is also nicely suited for a bonsai plant.

  • Full- part sun
  • Average soil
  • Evergreen with browning tips in dry winter
  • Use as ground cover and soil retention
  • Height: 2 feet spreading
  • Zone 5-10
Pleioblastus fortunei variegatus (Clumping Bamboo) 1-2 ft., sun, shade, ground cover, variegated white foliage, Zone 5-10
Pleioblastus okinosasa (Clumping Bamboo) 1-2 ft., sun, shade, ground cover, green foliage with fan palm leave, Zone 5-10
Pleioblastus pygmaeus (Arun, pygmaea)
Pygmy Bamboo
(Clumping Bamboo) 1-2 ft., sun, shade, ground cover, 1-2 ft., makes excellent ground cover, slender bright green leaves, Zone 5-10
Pleioblastus simonii (Clumping Bamboo) 1-2 ft., sun, shade, ground cover, 20 ft. mostly sunny, graceful appearance with elegant leaves, Zone 5-10
Pleioblastus tsugosasa (Clumping Bamboo) 1-2 ft., sun, shade, ground cover, tuft, low growing, small foliage, Zone 5-10
Pleioblastus viridistriatus (Clumping Bamboo) 1-2 ft., sun, shade, ground cover, 2-3 ft., golden variegated foliage, Zone 5-10
Pseudosasa japonicus (Clumping Bamboo) 18 ft., sun, part shade, good specimen, , Zone 6