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Botanical / Common Name
Sasa minor (Clumping Bamboo) Selection of U.S. National Arboretum, 3-4 ft.,Zone 6b
Sasa palmata (Clumping Bamboo) shade, large enlongated palm like foliage 6-7ft., Zone 6-9
Sasa tesselata (syn. Indocalamus) (Clumping Bamboo) 3ft., part shade to full sun, large shiny dark green leaves, moderate spreader, Zone 6
Sasa veitchii (Clumping Bamboo) 3-5 ft., large green leaves with white margins in Winter, Zone 6-9
Sasa veitchii minor

This dwarf bamboo has deep-green leaves that become bi-colored with the onset of autumn. The leaves then display straw-colored margins, which persist into spring in warmer zones. It is a striking plant en masse or as groundcover in a woodland garden. It usually grows to 2 or 3 feet tall, but may reach 5 feet tall in deep shade.

  • Full- part sun (best in ½ day sun)
  • Medium moist soil
  • Season of Interest – All seasons
  • Use as ground cover, naturalizing, specimen plant or focal point, and useful in a woodland garden
  • Height: 2 feet running
  • Zone 5-9
Sasaella ramosa (Clumping Bamboo) 6 ft., wide green leaves with white hairs, Zone 7-9

Semiarundinaria fastuosa
Temple Bamboo

S. fastuosa is the largest hardy bamboo growing in the Pacific Northwest that is not a Phyllostachys. It is upright and makes a good screen or hedge. This bamboo is supposed to grow 35 feet tall, but has only reached a height of 25 feet at the Bamboo Garden Nursery near Portland, OR. The culms start green then age to a burgundy color in the Fall, when the temperature drops to near freezing. During the growing season it appears to be primarily a green caned bamboo.

  • Sun or shade
  • Maximum Height: 35’ feet (Northwest Height: 25’)
  • Diameter: 1.5 inches
  • Zone 7-10

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Shibatea kumasasa (Clumping Bamboo) 2-3 ft., shiny dark green leaves, excellent ground cover, a runner, Zone 7-9