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Botanical / Common Name
Equisetum hyemale
Scouring Rush  
Architecturally and historically significant plant.  Not a grass, not a bamboo, not a fern though it reproduces through spores.  It is actually a rush but more importantly it is a living fossil. Equisetum is over 100 million years old based on carbon dating and fossil appearance.  It is commonly called Scouring Rush because it was used to scrub cooking utensils and tools.  It has been a long survivor because it adapts to and tolerates an extremely wide range of soils even growing standing water.  It is an evergreen perennial that typically grows 3-5’ tall and is native to the U.S.  It is found naturally in wet woods, moist hillsides and peripheries of water bodies (lakes, rivers, ponds).  This species features rigid, rough, hollow, vertically ridged, jointed-and-segmented, bamboo-like, dark green stems (to 1/2” diameter at the base) that rise up from the plant rhizomes. Attractive new growth with chartreuse coloring.
  • Full- part shade
  • Wet
  • Deer resistant
  • Season of Interest – Four seasons 
  • Use in bog/aquatic gardens. Japanese gardens. Stream or pond peripheries - Containers.
  • Provides strong vertical architecture
  • Zone 4-9
Equisetum robustum 
Giant Horse Tail
(spring or fall planting) sun, part shade, massing, wet fertile soil, 3-8 ft., Zone 4-9
Equisetum scirpoides 
Dwarf Horse Tail
(spring or fall planting) sun, part shade, massing, wet fertile soil, 8 in., thin dark olive green leaves, spreading, Zone 4-9
Love Grass
(spring or fall planting) sun, groups, massing, blooms in Summer, Zone 5-9
Eragrostis spectabilis 
Purple Love Grass
(spring or fall planting) sun, groups, massing, 1-2 ft., pink flowers, Fall bloomer, Zone 5-9
Eragrostis trichoides 
Sand Love Grass
(spring or fall planting) sun, groups, massing, blooms in Summer 4-5 ft., specimen, bronze inflorescence color, Zone 5-9
Erianthus (Saccharum) ravennae
Sugarcane plume grass,
Giant plume grass
This is one of the tallest most commanding grass stands in the garden.  The foliage is actually only about 5’ tall in handsome clumps, but it haults the on-looking once it blooms.  The voluminous plumes can reach up to 10’ tall with airy heads that are reminiscent of pampas grass.  Makes a suitable green wall or wind barrier, as it is very strong.  It has good winter interest as well.  Majestic heights make this a unique addition to any landscape.
  • Full Sun
  • Dry Soil Moisture
  • Drought Tolerant
  • Deer resistant
  • Season of Interest – Blooms late Summer/Fall
  • Use as specimen, back border, massing for green wall or windbreakmers. 
  • Zone 6
Eragrostis ravennae

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