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Botanical / Common Name
Imperata 'Red Baron’ 
Japanese Blood Grass

No other ornamental grass has this rich red color.  It is striking and a wonderful impulse purchase for retail center customers.  Japanese bloodgrass is a clump-forming, ornamental grass that features thin upright blades from 12-18" tall. The tips down to the center of each blade turn a garnet red in summer with a “bloody” color often deepening toward burgundy as the growing season progresses. Grass remains attractive until late autumn.  Can be cut back as it goes dormant in winter. It will literally disappear on its own when the temperatures drop.  It is a unique spring-summer ground cover.  It is often used as a soil stabilizer even in sand near beach areas and other areas subject to erosion.

  • Shipping is restricted for export out of Maryland.
  • Full- part shade
  • Dry well drained
  • Drought Tolerant
  • Deer resistant
  • Season of Interest – Spring through Fall 
  • Use as a dramatic featured plant in single specimen or in monoculture ribbons
  • Zone 6-9